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Absolutely delicious. I made the base and formed it into truffle size balls. Then put in the freezer as the recipe said. Melted some dark chocolate and rolled the truffles in the dark chocolate Made a great alternative to truffles for Christmas. Thanks so much for the recipe. Make a real treat for having after going to the gym xx.

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Thank you so much, Emma! Thank YOU for taking the time to leave such kind feedback. These look wonderful! For the chocolate chips, would you recommend semi-sweet, milk or dark chocolate? These are great!

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Turned out perfect. I added cacao nibs to the chocolate topping and it gives it a bit of a nice crunch. I want to make this recipe this weekend, do you know if I could use honey instead of maple syrup? And peanut butter instead of almond butter? This is awesome! I got the grind your own almond butter at the store, so it was alittle chunky, but this turned out awesome!!!!

I love it!!! And that grind your own almond butter… mmm mmm!

Have you tried sugar free maple syrup? That might work! Just as good as it looks. This was my first try at using coconut flour and making any goodies! Worth the small effort! Thanks for the recipe! Any thoughts? Hi Jamie, so sorry to hear that! There might be a problem with the almond butter that you used.

Easy-Peasy Chocolate Tofu Pudding

If you make them with homemade almond butter, they are anything but bland, they are rich and delicious! Cant seem to get enough of them! Its so much cheaper to make your own almond butter and its really easy too. If you roast the almonds before making the butter, it makes it super delicious? My whole family absolutely love them!

I am going to try with almond flour and let you know how it works! I think these are going to go over well!! They are super tasty and took me under 5 minutes to throw together. I also mixed in some vit d emulsion for fun, and used half cashew butter! Thank you for an quick and easy recipe! Easy and delicious healthy dessert!!

The Filling

Thank you! These lasted a week in my fridge and they were still awesome. Thanks for reporting back. Thanks for your recipe!! These were easy to make and very yummy!! Any idea how many calories per bar? Hi Christine! I just calculated the nutrition information. You can find it under the notes in the recipe. Hi, Do you think I could use almond butter instead of coconut flour?

I have an auto immune disease which is why I eat paleo but I also discovered I may be allergic to coconut:. So sorry to hear about your possible allergy to coconut. Hi can I use almond flour instead of coconut flour? I bought a giant bag from Costco that I need to use. Hi Valerie, so funny, I just got asked this question! I know a few people have tried using oat flour with success, but I worry that almond flour would not be sufficient for absorbing the almond butter and creating a nice, firm texture. Same for the stevia! Good luck—let me know how it turns out! These almond bars look so creamy and delicious!

LOVE them! Gorgeous photos as always, Demeter! You are just the no-bake maven around these here parts! I love how simple the ingredient list is too!! Making my own nut butter is on my list of things to do…once I get a proper food processor!

Ethos Restaurant London

Thanks Jessica! Woot woot for AB bars!!! Yep I still say it. If we if we keep saying it long enough it will probably become cool again…just like floral curtains.

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I appreciate how you give all the nut butters their proper chance to be showcased, no playing mess-prone goop favorites. But since today is about AB I have to admit I had an almond butter phase too actually. It was more about excessive almond butter eating though, not making. Probs not since you make your own. I tried making my own once, overheated the food processor, never tried again.