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Strong finish. God uses the challenges of the faith race to develop people to be mature and complete in Him. Just as athletes are crowned with victory wreaths and medals, God rewards those who persevere to the end. You can use the following activities and discussions to help your child understand and apply these important truths about perseverance. Use a puppet and this skit to teach your child about the importance of perseverance. Puppet : If I wake up early from my nap, I can look through books, but I also have to whisper.

Rest time is a long time to whisper. Puppet : Endurance? Perseverance is a big concept for 4- to 7-year-olds, but they are already learning this skill. Begin a discussion in this way:. Pray with your child: Ask God to help your child persevere through challenges that are part of her everyday world. Write names on the candy bars to show which ones belong to whom, then hide them around your home. Make one bar easy to find for each kid, but hide the others in hard-to-find locations.

Next, set your kids loose hunting for candy! If they refuse, give them clues that help them easily find the candy. My daughter Selah was a high school senior who longed for a college acceptance letter and a generous financial package. As the stress of senior year peaked, Selah understood in a new way what perseverance really meant.

She pressed on in spite of the frustrations and disappointments, continuing to write, to wait and to dream of a college adventure in the South. Life is full of challenges that require kids and adults alike to persevere. They may need to labor for a long time without seeing immediate results in their sports, grades and extracurricular activities.

Start a discussion with your teens about ways to accomplish long-term goals without letting discouragement derail them. One way to do this is to be honest about sharing situations or obstacles in your own life that still require vigilant effort. Learning about perseverance firsthand certainly paid off for my daughter. Selah not only received the coveted acceptance letter from her dream school, but she was awarded a substantial financial package as well.

Perhaps even more important, the perseverance she developed in high school prepared my daughter for success in college and beyond. Used by permission. This article is a compilation of articles written by various authors. The author names are found within the article. Call Store.

1. “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” -Mufasa

Running With Perseverance. By various authors. For those who have eyes to see, seasons of waiting offer countless opportunities to witness God at work in and through us for our eternal good and his glory. No matter how long.

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Regardless of how hopeless things appear to us. Even when it seems to cost us everything. When we wait for him, we will never be disappointed. While God may not answer in our timing or in the way we expect, he will accomplish his good purposes in our lives when we wait for him and persevere in prayer. As long as our hope is set on this life and things that gratify our flesh, we will likely feel frustrated, discouraged, and even hopeless. During long or even short seasons of waiting, our hearts will be encouraged to remember that the best is yet to come!

One day sin will be no more! Set your mind on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory. And remember, His slightest Word stands fast and sure; it can never fail you. He is your rest and the treasure you seek. She blogs at Chosen and Called.

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A buzzword in certain Christian circles is authenticity, a quality both Millennials and GenZs value and desire in the church. The word suggests genuineness and integrity, qualities that describe faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. But this drive for authenticity can be dangerous, if it isn't grounded in the gospel. I have spent a lot of time in waiting rooms. You know, I always found it a bit presumptuous how hospitals refer to visitors as patients. Here are 5 key passages from recent Christian content around the web, including one on the kinds of progress the Bible promises.

I've Been Forgiven. Now What? Greear Ministries The necessary complement to forgiveness of sin is a release from the power of sin. Call Seeking for and obtaining these blessings require a sincere heart, real intent, and faith in Christ see Moroni A personal testimony also brings responsibility and accountability. Parents should be vigilant and spiritually attentive to spontaneously occurring opportunities to bear testimony to their children.

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Such occasions need not be programmed, scheduled, or scripted. In fact, the less regimented such testimony sharing is, the greater the likelihood for edification and lasting impact. For example, a naturally occurring family conversation at dinner may be the perfect setting for a parent to recount and testify of specific blessings he or she received during the course of relatively routine activities that day.

The reactions of children to such impromptu testimony bearing and their eagerness or reluctance to participate are potent sources of spiritual early warning signals. As children of our Heavenly Father, we have been blessed with the gift of moral agency, the capacity and power of independent action.

Parents have the sacred responsibility to help children to act and to seek learning by faith. And a child is never too young to take part in this pattern of learning. Giving a man a fish feeds him for one meal. Teaching a man to fish feeds him for a lifetime.

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Such learning requires spiritual, mental, and physical exertion and not just passive reception. Inviting children as gospel learners to act and not merely be acted upon builds on reading and talking about the Book of Mormon and bearing testimony spontaneously in the home. And imagine further that the children ask questions the parents are not prepared adequately to answer. Some parents might be apprehensive about such an unstructured approach to home evening. But the best family home evenings are not necessarily the product of preprepared, purchased, or downloaded packets of outlines and visual aids.

What a glorious opportunity for family members to search the scriptures together and to be tutored by the Holy Ghost.