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If someone is truly narcissistic or uninvested in your friendship, it is totally okay to walk away. Go and do it and be it, and it will be contagious.

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Extraordinary friends are people who love ridiculously and extravagantly and without expecting anything in return. You will give more than you get sometimes. Nothing is ever lost by being generous, my friend. If you made an investment with no return, thank you.

We currently live in a very lonely world where so so so many people feel isolated and disconnected. How do we change that?

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And then? When we find our people, we hang on for dear life and we love them with our whole hearts. Select your location for up-to-date news and information in your local area My Area. Take our quiz and work out what you're like as a friend! Two of your friends have fallen out. Do you… A. Take one side B.

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Talk to them both together C. Ignore them D.


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Join in the falling out 2. What do you do when someone is gossiping about your best friend. Say nothing B.

Speak up and confront the gossips C. Join in with the gossip D. Listen and tell the friend later 3.

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The most important thing about friendship is Spending fun time together B. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. At UCLA. At University of Wisconsin, Madison. At Rowan University. At University of Florida. At Florida State University.

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