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US edition, title pages. UK edition, dust jacket back and front. UK edition, cover back and front. UK edition, front papers. UK edition, title pages. German edition, dust jacket back and front. German edition, cover back and front. German edition, front papers. German edition, title pages.

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Swedish edition, dust jacket back and front. Hard cover with dust jacket It is very similar in format to the Italian edition. The most obvious difference to the original and all subsequent editions is the selection of photographs: the Japanese edition only shows images of topless diver girls. I like people who represent the best at what they do, and if that turns you into a perfectionist then maybe I am. As of March , nine men have been featured on the cover of the American edition: [21] [22] [23].

May marked the first anniversary of a healthy body initiative that was signed by the magazine's international editors—the initiative represents a commitment from the editors to promote positive body images within the content of Vogue 's numerous editions. Vogue Australia editor Edwina McCann explained:. In the magazine we're moving away from those very young, very thin girls. A year down the track, we ask ourselves what can Vogue do about it? And an issue like this [June issue] is what we can do about it. If I was aware of a girl being ill on a photo shoot I wouldn't allow that shoot to go ahead, or if a girl had an eating disorder I would not shoot her.

The Australian edition's June issue was entitled Vogue Australia: "The Body Issue" and featured articles on exercise and nutrition, as well as a diverse range of models. New York-based Australian plus-size model Robyn Lawley , previously featured on the cover of Vogue Italia , also appeared in a swimwear shoot for the June issue. The name Vogue means "style" in French.

Vogue was described by book critic Caroline Weber in a December edition of The New York Times as "the world's most influential fashion magazine ": [19] The publication claims to reach 11 million readers in the US and Google partnered with Vogue to feature Google Glass in the September issue, which featured a page spread. Seeing Glass represented so beautifully in this issue is a huge thrill for the entire Glass team. In the September issue, technology such as Apple Music, Apple Watch, and Amazon Fashion were all featured within the issues pages.

Wintour's "Fashion Night" initiative was launched in with the intention of kickstarting the economy following the Financial collapse of — , by drawing people back into the retail environment and donating proceeds to various charitable causes. The event was co-hosted by Vogue in 27 cities around the US and 15 countries worldwide, and included online retailers at the beginning of Wintour stated: "Through the school, we could not only help women in Afghanistan to look and feel better but also give them employment.

Leading up to the US Presidential election , Wintour used her industry clout to host several significant fundraising events in support of the Obama campaign. This was the first time that the magazine supported as a single voice a presidential candidate in its years of history. The Met Gala is an annual event that is hosted by Vogue to celebrate the opening of the Metropolitan Museum 's fashion exhibit. The Met Gala is the most coveted event of the year in the field of fashion and is attended by A-list celebrities, politicians, designers and fashion editors.

Vogue has hosted the themed event since under Editor in Chief, Diana Vreeland. As Wintour came to personify the magazine's image, both she and Vogue drew critics.

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Published in , the novel became a bestseller and was adapted as a highly successful, Academy Award -nominated film in The novel portrays a magazine ruled by "the Antichrist and her coterie of fashionistas, who exist on cigarettes, Diet Dr Pepper , and mixed green salads", according to a review in The New York Times.

The editor is described by Weisberger as being "an empty, shallow, bitter woman who has tons and tons of gorgeous clothes and not much else". In , Vogue drew criticism from the anti-smoking group, "Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids", for carrying tobacco advertisements in the magazine. The group claims that volunteers sent the magazine more than 8, protest emails or faxes regarding the ads. The group also claimed that in response, they received scribbled notes faxed back on letters that had been addressed to Wintour stating, "Will you stop?

You're killing trees! Beyond that we have no further comment. This was the third time that Vogue featured a male on the cover of the American issue the other two men were actors George Clooney and Richard Gere , and the first in which the man was black. In , the feature-length documentary The September Issue was released; it was an inside view of the production of the record-breaking September issue of U.

Vogue , directed by R. The film was shot over eight months as Wintour prepared the issue, and included testy exchanges between Wintour and her creative director Grace Coddington. The issue became the largest ever published at the time; over 5 pounds in weight and pages in length, a world record for a monthly magazine [65] Since then, that record has been broken by Vogue ' s September issue, which came in at pages. Drawing on Vogue ' s extensive archives, the film featured behind-the-scenes interviews with longtime Vogue editors, including Wintour, Coddington, Tonne Goodman, Hamish Bowles , and Phyllis Posnick.

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The editors share personal stories about collaborating with top photographers, such as Leibovitz, and the various day-to-day responsibilities and interactions of a fashion editor at Vogue. The film was directed and produced by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato. In , Vogue launched the Vogue video channel that can be accessed via their website. The channel was launched in conjunction with Conde Nast's multi-platform media initiative. Vogue has also created an easily navigable website that includes six different content categories for viewers to explore.

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The website includes an archive with issues from forward for those whom subscribe for the website. The magazines online are the same as those that were printed in that time and are not cut or shortened from the original content. Vogue launched the teaser for their podcast series on September 10, The app was introduced on April 26, as a way for the magazine to become more mobile friendly. The Vogue app displays content on mobile devices and gives people the ability to view the magazine content wherever they go. The app has new content everyday and people can choose to receive content recommended just for their taste.

In addition, the app allows one to save stories for later and or read offline. Lastly, the app provides notifications for fashion outbreaks and for new stories that are published pertaining to that viewer's particular taste. It was intended to be published as a supplement of Vogue , being the Spring the last issue of the magazine altogether.

  1. Computerspiele mit Gewaltinhalten: Eine Betrachtungsweise unter christlich-ethischen Gesichtspunkten (German Edition).
  2. Volume II. (pages 35~74)!
  3. The Asahi Shimbun.

Early magazines have running title: Vogue supplement for Australia since In Australia, Vogue Living was first published in Vogue Hommes International is an international men's fashion magazine based in Paris, France, and L'uomo Vogue is the Italian men's version. Until , Vogue was also the publisher of Vogue Patterns , a home sewing pattern company. It was sold to Butterick Publishing which also licensed the Vogue name.

Vogue China was launched in September , [86] with Australian model Gemma Ward on the cover flanked by Chinese models. At the beginning of the Japanese version, Vogue Hommes Japan , ended publication. On January 11, , it was announced that Eugenia de la Torriente will become the new editor-in-chief of Vogue Spain. In June , it was announced that the Polish edition, Vogue Polska , was in preparation, with Filip Niedenthal as editor-in-chief.

The printed magazine and its website launched on February 14, In February , the Czech-language edition was announced. In September , it was announced that the Greek edition, Vogue Greece, was in preparation, with Thaleia Karafyllidou as editor-in-chief and the youngest ever editor in the history of Vogue. The printed magazine and its website will launch on March 31, In October , the Hong Kong edition was announced, slated to lunch in under a license agreement with Rubicon Media Ltd.

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The following highlights circulation dates as well as individuals who have served as editor-in-chief of Vogue :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For any other use, see Vogue disambiguation. Main article: The September Issue. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Alliance for Audited Media. Archived from the original on January 23, Retrieved July 5, New York: Allworth Press. Archived from the original on October 7, Retrieved October 6, Gale Resources.

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Vanity Fair. Retrieved July 18, T Magazine. Retrieved March 29, Fashion Illustration Now illustrated, reprint ed. At the first encounter with the Japanese offspring, their clearly Japanese features surprised Okuyama. Since none of her immediate family members were affected deeply by the war, this became her first tangible war experience. As an immigrant from a former enemy country, Japan, Okuyama could share their pride in being Japanese, coupled with feelings of alienation and guilt. About the book Dear Japanese is a subjective documentary assembled from a personal perspective, recording compatriots abroad.

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  • The book consists of portraits, places and landscapes containing associative Japanese elements which often feel displaced within the Dutch environment and next to the Indonesian characteristics of the people involved. Since , she lives and works in Arnhem NL. Okuyama has exhibited in Europe, the Middle East, and Japan.

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