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You might make a friend.

Or they might just be napping in the shade and cool breezes. Let your kids burn off some excess energy while you replenish yours by enjoying some relaxation and fresh air. Parking is usually great during the work week, but it can fill up fast on weekends.

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If you choose to go on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, you may find it best to arrive early or later in the afternoon. Then turn around and watch the Waikiki fireworks. My point is this: when you want to get out and enjoy our beautiful Hawaii climate the way many locals do, you might want to make a visit to Ala Moana Beach — one of the most popular of all Oahu beaches. Disclaimer: No matter how calm conditions normally tend to be at this Hawaii beach, and no matter how skilled the lifeguards and police are at doing their jobs, your safety is still ultimately your responsibility.

You need to watch your children carefully. You need to know their limits and your own.

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Forgive me for this but the following descriptions regarding Sandy Beach on the south shore of Oahu may to seem a bit more like a "rant" than a description of a beach. Sans Souci Beach is a small but beautiful beach with a big history. This lovely white sand beach is in Kapiolani Park just about a fifteen-minute walk from Waikiki. Shark's Cove on the North Shore of Oahu is not really a beach, but rather a snorkel and diving spot; and what a snorkel spot it is! This small cove is ringed in rocks and coral providing very little in the way of sand to lay out on, but if you are looking for a great place to snorkel, Shark's Cove is, at many times of the year, an excellent option.

The most famous coastline for big wave surfing in the world is the 7 mile stretch of beaches and intermittent rocky shore known as the "North Shore" of Oahu. Waikiki Beach is certainly the most famous beach in all of Hawaii and is a probable contender for the most well known beach in the world. This of course, was the beach where it all started regarding tourism in Hawaii. Waimea Bay on Oahu's famed North Shore is home, in the winter time, to a wave that is so large that no one had successfully surfed it until the late 's.


Yokohama Bay is the large stretch of beautiful white sand that extends up to the Kaena Point area of western Oahu. Yokohama Bay is truly amazingly beautiful.

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A listing of all Oahu Beaches can be found on these pages. Check for the Oahu Beach that will be perfect for you! It's a good thing you're going to the beach on Oahu! Not only does Oahu have some of the most beautiful beaches in the state, have some of the best snorkeling to be seen in the state, have some of the best surfing, kayaking and stand-up paddling locations in the state and some of the largest waves for you to watch in the state, but Oahu beaches have more lifeguard locations and more lifeguards all toll than any other island in the State of Hawaii.

Ala Moana Beach Magic Island featured in the first photograph is located at the end of the peninsula and has great views of Diamond Head and Waikiki. Ocean Caution Please be advised that all beaches and ocean locations in Hawaii can be potentially dangerous including this location. Bellows Beach. Hanauma Bay. Hukilau Beach.

What are the best hotels near Ala Moana Beach Park?

Kahana Beach. Kailua Beach. Ko'olina Lagoons Beaches. With a verified guest score of 4.

Modern Honolulu The Modern Honolulu is an in demand 5 star hotel located approx. Recent travelers gave this hotel an aggregate guest review score of 4. What are the most luxurious hotels near Ala Moana Beach Park? What hotels are closest to the area of Ala Moana Beach Park? How much does a cheap hotel near Ala Moana Beach Park cost per night?

How much does a 3 star hotel near Ala Moana Beach Park cost per night? How much does a luxury hotel near Ala Moana Beach Park cost? What are the best independent hotels near Ala Moana Beach Park? Narrow by close cities?