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Franki feels that her police training will benefit the private investigation firm. The first client Franki meets is a suspect in his girlfriend's murder. Veronica thinks the police have missed something and takes on the case. This is a very good start to the series. The characters are well rounded and believably portrayed.

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Franki's landlord, Glenda is a retire stripper. Her outfits are only overshadowed by her interior design. Franki's apartment is decorated in early brothel which delighted me to no end. Franki meets a lot of interesting people in Nola including a bank manager that she is immediately attracted to. Her I Love Lucy moments around him are laughable.

Franki's fear of cemeteries and all things Voodoo add to the storyline. Her trips to the Marie Laveau shop are vividly told. I understand that a movie is in the works for this book. I certainly hope this shop is shown in all its glory. The murder victim has many secrets that take a bit of digging to understand.

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An old murder becomes a focal part of the current case. There is an interesting twist to the murderer that I wasn't quite expecting. Franki's nonna is one of my favorite characters. I love that she has declared Franki a zitella "old maid" at Her attempt to find a good Sicilian boy for Franki is a hoot!

Cute dogs, a handsome man with secrets, a hoot of a retired stripper and New Orleans. What more can you ask for! I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Soon after Franki arrives in New Orleans from Austin, TX, the pair get hired to investigate the murder case of a manager of a high-end fashion store strangled with a cheap yellow scarf. Franki goes undercover at the store to talk with the employee who discovered the body. With the help of the computer specialist, they discover that there is much more to this murder than anyone expected, with the murdered woman having a fake identity and a history connected to a previous murder.

Read the rest of this review, more reviews, and other wonderful, geeky articles on FangirlNation Glenda, retired stripper, is not the good witch of the North, maybe a Southern naughty witch. She has a heart of gold, but the taste of a street walker with a drag queen's wardrobe on a thin, aging body.

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Nonna's phone calls delight while making one cringe in sympathy for Franki. Dare we hope that the family leaves the deli for a French Quarter visit? I howled with laughter over every phone call from the deli. Does she calmly accept her man's possible lying, cheating ways or is the family spunk instilled in her too ingrained? What colorful characters will appear in another caper of drink-color installment of the Italian sleuth?

I loved this book! It's highly entertaining, fast-paced and a wonderful read! It's funny, realistic, and the characters were great. The plot wasn't predictable and was realistic and fun. I loved the story but also loved how it was written. I highly recommend this book, you won't be able to put it down!

Limoncello Yellow: Franki Amato Mysteries, Book 1 (Unabridged)

I laughed from the first page to the last. A hilarious romp. Loved it. Loved it! Need a funny cozy murder mystery? Look no further! Not a lemon for sure Was a funny enjoyable read love the dialogue and the translation of the Italian words. What will happen to her next. Really nice I liked the start and the finish. In between was very good. Can't wait to read the next one. Great read. An instant "hit" with me! Excellent I have been wanting to read this series for quite some time but other things kept me from it.

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I am glad that I waited as I can now read all of the books in the series without waiting for the next one to be released. I was completely shocked by ego the killer was in this one. I just didn't see that one coming. I love the characters and the storyline. So exited to read the rest of the series. She grew up in Houston, Texas, with her parents, brothers, and her very-Sicilian paternal grandmother.

All that wonderful Italian ethnicity enriches Limoncello Yellow. The private detecting firm that Franki joins is run by Franki's old friend, Veronica Maggio, another hyphenated Italian. The two women bonded in college over "all things Italian", and they enjoy joking together about their ethnicity. The cover of the book is very cute, as is the title Limoncello Yellow. The review-copy e-book I read had a very clear layout and is well-edited, with distinct paragraphs that begin with indents.

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Franki's parents and grandmother nonna like to play an active part in Franki's life, especially her love-life. When Franki informs the family she is moving to New Orleans, nonna likes the idea of her spinster a zitella at twenty-nine grand-daughter going to the city where nonna lived previously: "There are still a lotta nice Sicilian boys in New Orleans Cozy murder mystery romance humor chick-lit: all these terms fit Limoncello Yellow, a promising start to a fun Italophile series.

Please read my full and illustrated review at Italophile Book Reviews. It is highly enjoyable I LOVE these characters!! They are super funny, relateable, and I feel like I've gotten to know them so well and it's only Book1! The writing is wonderful, and frankly, I just can't get enough of Franki!

I love her Your writing is fantastic Along with the great writing, the narration by Madeline Mrozek is outstanding!

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I'm so happy I chose to listen, rather than just read, because I feel my overall experience was so much more entertaining. Madeline Mrozek's voices again I still hear them all chatting away in my mind. I am very confident you, too, will enjoy it as much as I have. I highly recommend it to those looking to connect with some quirky charaters because, believe me, they stick with you! I also recommend it to those looking for a fun listen and like to solve cases. The humor throughout the entire book will keep you begging for more.

Andrighetti and Mrozek are a great team Keep 'em coming! Thank you for reading my review. I hope it was helpful.