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Cut to Steven at home with his wife, Anna, their year-old daughter, Kim, and year-old-son, Bob. More monotone, static conversation occurs. The most conflict occurs when Steven orders Bob to get a haircut. Upstairs in their bedroom, Steven and Anna seem to be respectful but dispassionate and a little weird.

Cut to another day at the hospital. Martin, the strange teenage boy, meets Steven there. Then, they take a walk by a river, where Steven presents Martin with a gift, a nice expensive watch. Apparently, Steven is trying to be some kind of mentor to Martin. The father died, and Martin has ordered Steven to murder his wife or one of his children in recompense. It becomes obvious that Steven is trying to humor the crazed Martin.

However, when the daughter develops the same symptoms, the menace that Martin represents becomes all too real for the Murphy family. Martin remains mysterious, heartless and single-mindedly insane. The question is: Was that purpose worth it? There are other, more intelligent, more interesting ways to shock viewers or get their attention.

Thus, the drama never truly comes alive in until Hal the supercomputer goes insane. In reality, the passage is designed to limit the punishment that judges or magistrates can inflict on wrongdoers. It has some extreme violence, including a close-up of a heart operation, a depressing ending, and some explicit lewd content.

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  • Alyssas Needs - Volume-Two - Part-One-of-Three;
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Finally, the movie seems to be a left-of-center critique of the American middle class and the American Dream. If you hit play, please don't ruin a good thing by taking it too seriously. Though debated by genre purists, this one most definitely qualifies as a horror flick; it just happens to be a "soft" horror film with an actual heart that parents could probably watch with their kids. It's about a couple, played by Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane, who adopts a kid Jacob Tremblay whose dreams become physically real while he sleeps.

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Two young women are left behind at school during break This cool, stylish thriller goes off in some strange directions and even offers a seemingly unrelated subplot about a mysterious hitchhiker but it all pays off in the end, thanks in large part to the three leads -- Emma Roberts, Lucy Boynton, and Kiernan Shipka -- and director Oz Perkins' artful approach to what could have been just another occult-based gore-fest.

It's about a bunch of crooks hiding out in a warehouse while their recent heist falls apart. Bullet Head is virtually the offspring of those two movies. A bunch of crooks John Malkovich, Adrian Brody, Rory Culkin find themselves trapped in a warehouse with a killer pitbull. It's that simple.

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While much of the film is darkly entertaining, it does fair warning contain some simulated dog violence that may upset some viewers, so beware. Adolescence is horrifying. Having taught high school English and endured his own punishing awkward teen years, Stephen King channeled a lifetime of social anxiety, discomfort, and anger into his brisk, righteous first novel, which Brian De Palma then turned into a stylish bloodbath. Anchored by a vulnerable, complex performance from Sissy Spacek and a showy turn from Piper Laurie as Carrie's God-fearing mother, it's the rare horror film that works both as psychological portraiture and special-effects blowout.

Skip the muddled remake and get your thrills straight from the source. James Wan scared the shit out of moviegoers and restored faith in horror films when he dramatized Ed and Lorraine Warren's haunted farmhouse visit for the big screen. As the two paranormal investigators played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga go head-to-head with a wicked presence, you'll find yourself audibly yelping and wanting nothing to do with the dark. The impeccably choreographed jump scares are damn good, but the Warrens' nail-biting heroics and the family's intoxicating paranoia woven throughout are even better -- proof that big-budget horror flicks don't have to suck.

Patrick Brice's found-footage movie is a no-budget answer to a certain brand of horror, but saying more would give away its sinister turns.

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  4. Just know that the man behind the camera answered a Craigslist ad to create a "day in the life" video diary for Josef Mark Duplass , who really loves life. Creep proves that found footage, the indie world's no-budget genre solution, still has life, as long as you have a performer like Duplass willing to go all the way. Unfortunately, for online documentary filmmaker Sarah Desiree Akhavan , the creep is back, as she'll soon find out, in various odd and unsettling ways.

    But what happens when the creep's potential victim refuses to be, well, creeped out? Akhavan seems to be a perfect foil for Duplass' quietly unhinged lunatic, and together they cook up an oddly satisfying sequel to a satisfyingly odd predecessor. It doesn't take long for the lean, mean stalker movie to erupt with terror.

    Sort of all three, and the eerie ambiguity makes it so interesting. With tension that percolates for 60 straight minutes, this movie boasts a great Ethan Embry performance, a few well-crafted scares, and some ass-kickin' heavy-metal tunes. Sticking close to the grisly plot details of King's seemingly " unfilmable " novel, the movie chronicles the painstaking struggles of Jessie Burlingame Carla Gugino after she finds herself handcuffed to a bed in an isolated vacation home when her husband, the titular Gerald, dies from a heart attack while enacting his kinky sexual fantasies.

    She's trapped -- and that's it. The premise is clearly challenging to sustain for a whole movie, but Flanagan and Gugino turn the potentially one-note set-up into a forceful, thoughtful meditation on trauma, memory, and resilience in the face of near-certain doom. A few moments in this South African film about a kidnapping gone horribly -- like, really horribly -- awry are truly inspired horror. While films like the classic Wait Until Dark and the recent Don't Breathe have wrung scares from blind heroes and villains, deaf characters haven't been placed at the center of many mainstream horror movies.

    Enter very quietly Hush , a low-budget home-invasion thriller about a deaf and mute woman Kate Siegel being terrorized by a masked home invader The Newsroom 's John Gallagher Jr. This is the type of movie that can exhaust its premise in 20 minutes if the script doesn't deliver -- how long can two characters face off in a swanky cabin for, really? As Lily discovers the truth about the writer's fiction and home, the lines between the physical realm and the afterlife blur.

    The movie's slow pacing and muted escalation might frustrate viewers craving showy jump-scares, but writer-director Oz Perkins is worth keeping tabs on. He brings a beautiful eeriness to every scene, and his story will captivate patient streamers.


    The film's first half-hour, which finds Quarry 's Logan Marshall-Green arriving at his ex-wife's house to meet her new husband, plays like a Sundance dramedy about something yuppies and their relationship woes. We won't spoil what happens, but let's just say this is a party you'll be telling your friends about. The horror documentary interviews eight people coping with sleep paralysis, an unexplained phenomenon that immobilizes victims and, occasionally, causes them to hallucinate shadowy invaders. The twist: All of director Rodney Ascher's subjects all describe similar visions. Is it the result of crossed wires in the brain or Whatever the case, The Nightmare will make you paranoid about your own sleep paralysis vulnerability.

    The Perfection , Netflix's self-consciously sleazy genre provocation starring Allison Williams as a former child cello prodigy out for revenge, is like a cinematic endurance test. Grossed out by the creepy bug effects and horrifying depictions of self-mutilation? Keep streaming.

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    This Steven Spielberg-penned, Tobe Hooper-directed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre paranormal flick is a certified cult classic and one of the best horror films of all time , coming from a simple premise about a couple whose home is infested with spirits obsessed with reclaiming the space and kidnapping their daughter. Poltergeist made rearranged furniture freaky, and you may remember a particularly iconic scene with a fuzzed out vintage television set.

    Four old friends travel into a foreboding forest and You've heard this one before. So has everyone. Only this time, it's interesting.

    The Ghost of Roy Orbison Goes on Tour

    Suffice to say that these guys stumble across a freaky shack, unwisely opt to sleep in said shack, and then find themselves hopelessly lost. Also there may or may not be a mythologically inspired monster from Norse lore on their trail. Horror master Wes Craven subverts and parodies his own slasher filmography in this meta-whodunnit from The Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson.