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The aluminum body of the dead end is fabricated from AFL seamless drawn aluminum. For die size sections 30AH and above, the end tapers of the compression portions of all compression accessories are supplied with a high voltage finish. The square edges of bolted pads on compression accessories could cause corona in environments greater than or equal to kV.

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Fiber Optic Cable. Conductor Accessories. Fiber Optic Connectivity. Test and Inspection.

Fusion Splicing. Specialty Optical Fiber. Aluminum Clad Steel. Rail Transit Systems.

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Copper Apparatus. Fiber Optic Cleaning. Compression Accessories. Distribution Accessories. Fiber Optic Cable Hardware. Formed Wire.

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The cortex — found just beneath the cuticle — gives our hair its thickness and color. That means heat i. That can include anything from using rubber bands in your hair to harsh climate conditions that wreak havoc on your locks. The best way to get rid of them is to head to your favorite hairdresser for a trim. But if you want to wait a bit longer until your next cut, try this two-part tip from stylist Sam LaBella.

We know it sounds weird, but we trust her expertise!

Split Ends

The trick is to start about halfway down the hair and apply all the way to the ends. The goal is to leave in a little moisture. Vigorous rubbing with a terry cloth towel can lead to friction, tangles, and broken strands, so dry with a gentle hand. You can also try switching to a microfiber or terry cloth towel created specifically for absorbing moisture from your mane. Try opting for one with natural fibers or, use a wide-tooth comb on wet locks instead.

The same goes for heat and styling tools — cheaper irons may get too hot and burn your hair.

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Research better tools that reduce excessive damage and have proper heat controls. Sweat pants, hair tie, chillin with no makeup on! Trust us, we get it.

My Chemical Romance - "The End/Dead!"

If you constantly keep your hair pulled back, try hair ties made of nylon or other cloth fiber instead of rubber to reduce snagging, pulling and breaking. The same way that we need to unwind our minds and bodies from time to time, our hair can also truly benefit from a break once in a while. Giving your hair some time off from heat and chemical treatments can keep the cuticle hydrated and in its best shape.

This will, in turn, reduce split ends as well as dryness and overall damage. While those splitting ends may be seen on the far tips of our tresses, hair health really begins with scalp health. Splits are normal and inevitable so moral of the story — try not to worry about them too much! Regular trims, a gentle hand, and some high-quality tools can go a long way in keeping your ends intact.

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